Keep it Low Conf

July 11th, Luna Theatre, Lowell

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A DevOps, SysOps, SecOps, and LifeOps conference in Lowell, MA. Keep it Low Downtime, Keep it Low Cost, Keep it Low Maintainence, Keep it Low Stress. Keep it Low-ell!

After some fits and starts, we have lined up an appropirate Keynote speaker for such prestegious event.

What happened to May?

Things weren't lining up to give you the best experience we though we could give you. We've contacted all previous ticket holders, and offered refunds. We've also reached to all speakers and are verifying their availability.

What to expect?

A great single track conference in super comfy seats in an awesome Downtown Lowell Venue. We're going to do some buzzword bingo, some casual banter, and keep everything as low stress, informative, and entertaining as possible.

Sponserships and Scholarships

Sponserships are totally available for various prices levels. If you have the means to purchase an extra ticket for a worthy attendee who otherwise couldn't make it, we will find a good home for it. A few hundred dollars could help cover breakfast, or lunch, or happy hour. We will happily give you prospectus if you are interested. Please reach out.




250 Jackson St 4th floo. Lowell, Massachusetts


  • Patrick Flaherty

    9h15 Welcome and what to expect.

    Patrick Flaherty @PlatformPatrick

    Lead SRE and First User at CHAOSSEARCH. Organizer of KiL Conf

  • Laura Stone

    9h30 How To Implement SLOs When You’re Not Google

    Laura Stone @tyrostone

    SRE @Klaviyo | Organizer @PyLadiesBoston @BostonDevops @devopsdaysbos | Done is better than perfect

  • 10h10

  • Matty Stratton

    11h00 TBD

    Matty Stratton

    He/Him. Hosts @arresteddevops. Organizes @devopsdays. DevOps Advocate & Thought Validator at @pagerduty 🥑💡🧐 📟

  • 12h00 WE EAT


  • 12h45

  • 1:30

  • 2:15

  • 3:00

  • 3:30

  • 4 Wrap up

    Wrap up


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Time Slot Description
9h00 Check-in / Breakfast -
9h15 Patrick Flaherty Welcome and what to expect. CHAOSSEARCH Talk about KiL Conf, explain buzzword bingo, make sure everyone is comfortable and happy.
9h30 Laura Stone How To Implement SLOs When You’re Not Google Klavio Are you google? No, well, maybe you still want SLOs, and we should talk about that.
11h00 Matty Stratton TBD @pagerduty TBD
4 Wrap up We talk a little bit about the day, and then we happy hour and network.