• 08.30 AM Registration: Breakfast
  • 09.15 AM Patrick Flaherty: Welcome!
  • 09.35 AM Seth Vargo: Re-thinking secrets with Vault
  • 10.50 AM Anubhav Mishra: Taming Terraform workflow using Terraform Modules and Github for change management
  • 11.45 AM Matt Jones: Ansible and Pagerduty, the Good, the Bad, the Oh Dear Lord Why
  • 12.25 PM Lunch: Warp and Weft / Life Alive
  • 01.05 PM PJ Hagerty: Urban Legends: What You Code Makes You Who You Are
  • 02.00 PM Jay McCarthy: Lessons in Software Reliability from the Graybeards
  • 02.50 PM Lisa Hagemann: Infrastructure As Code: What is it good for?
  • 03.35 PM Tom McLaughlin: Operations in a serverless world
  • 04.20 PM Douglas Huber: IETF standards are your friend


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